Evening Hike, Butterfield Canyon

Posted: 23rd September 2011 by Jonathan Wood in Hiking
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Although I’ve been hiking as much as ever recently, my schedule has been a bit more hectic. And I seem to be doing more and smaller hikes. And I haven’t been blogging about them all due to time constraints and the fact that I’ve already blogged about many of these hikes.

Today, I took a short evening hike up Butterfield Canyon. The temperature is definitely getting cooler and many trees are now showing their fall colors.

I just pulled over part-way up Butterfield Canyon and headed up the hill. It started out very steep and, since there was a bunch of loose gravel, I had to pull myself up using bushes and small trees.

Once I got up on a ridge, the slope was much more gentle but then got steeper as I headed to the top of the main ridge in this area. I then walked along the ridge and, finally, got on a dirt road and took it back to the main canyon road. I then had to walk down the road a short distance back to my truck.

Although I’ve hiked all around Butterfield, this particular route was new to me. It was fairly short but gave me a good workout.

We saw a number of deer. I was prepared with a headlamp to come down in the dark but never used. Although it was pretty dark by the time I reached the main canyon road, it was still light enough to see where I was going.

Butterfield Canyon: 6,931 Feet
Elevation Gained: 1,051 Feet
Distance Traveled: 2.83 Miles
Time on Mountain: 1 Hour and 24 Minutes

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