The Terraces and Bowman Fork, Mill Creek Canyon

Posted: 3rd September 2011 by Jonathan Wood in Hiking
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Last week, I hiked yet again to Dog Lake. I didn’t bother to blob about it because I’ve blogged so much about this hike lately. I also took a few nice hikes during the week but didn’t blog about those either. So, today, I’m back at it.

Although it’s getting cooler, I’m still limited which hikes I’ll take right now because of the heat. The main problem is my dog, which is much more comfortable in the snow. But the cooler Fall temperatures will also be welcome for me as well.

Today, I took a hike from the Terraces, a picnic area up Mill Creek Canyon. The logical conclusion of this hike is your choice of Gobbler’s Knob or Mount Raymond. Either one is a pretty substantial hike. Unfortunately, l didn’t make it to either, largely because of the heat (not a cloud in the sky). But I got a nice hike in just the same.

You can drive a vehicle up the small road at the Terraces and there is a separate parking lot next to the trailhead. The first section of the trail runs along a stream before turning up steeper terrain.

From there, the trail climbs a series of ridges (best seen by loading the GPS data into Google Earth). The hike was pretty uneventful but there was a lot of vegetation, which make it quite humid in places.

Near the place where we turned back, there is a small pipe coming out of the ground with cold water coming out of it. It might be nice to research exactly why this pipe is here and where the water comes from. I probably wouldn’t drink the water myself, but it was a nice break for the dog.

I went a bit higher but the dog seemed to have had enough. I would’ve like to have reached Gobbler’s Knob again. Perhaps I’ll make this hike again in the Fall.

Ending Altitude: 8,988 Feet
Altitude Gained: 3,178 Feet
Distance Traveled: 6.63 Miles
Total Time on Mountain: 3 Hours 15 Minutes

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