Little Water Peak (Mill Creek Canyon)

Posted: 6th August 2011 by Jonathan Wood in Hiking
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Hiking these past few weeks has just been too hot for my dog so I went back to hike Little Water Peak again (via Mill Creek Canyon) so that we could stop at Dog Lake and cool down. Or, at least the dog could!

We drove to the very end of Mill Creek Canyon road and parked at the small parking lot there. Note that, on weekends, it is often necessary to park at a lower parking lot due to lack of available parking. I’m usually pretty lucky if I wait for someone to leave. However, today I found one empty spot as soon as I reached the top, even though the overflow parking lots were all full

There are two trails to Dog Lake: The Little Water trail and the Big Water trail. The Little Water trail is shorter and steeper, while the Big Water trail is longer with a more gentle slope. Note that dogs can hike off-leash on odd-numbered days. Dogs must be on-leash and share the trail with bikers on even-numbered days.

I took the Little Water trail and made pretty good time to Dog Lake. (Unfortunately, I’m not sure exactly but think it was around 35 minutes.) We stopped for a while and had the dog cool off before heading South up to Little Water Peak.

If you try this hike, you should expect a fairly good workout. These hills are rather steep. However, there is no trail, to speak of. There’s a fair amount of bushwhacking required.

You should also be aware that, when hiking this time of year, the insects are out in full force. They aren’t so bad in the early morning. But as the day warms up, they start to get rather annoying. Despite killing many of them, my legs have numerous bites, which I know itch intensely for days.

The views are impressive from Little Water Peak. You can look right down upper Mill Creek Canyon. On a clear day, you can just see the Great Salt Lake. And you can also see the valley through the mouth of Big Cottonwood canyon and glimpse the Oquirrhs on the far side of the valley.

Primarily because of the biting insects, I didn’t stay on Little Water Peak for long. I headed back down to Dog Lake, where we ate a snack and hung out a while before heading back down.

Little Water Peak: 9,605 Feet
Elevation Gained: 2,412 Feet
Distance Traveled: 5.29 Miles
Time on Mountain: 3 Hours 11 Minutes

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