Butterfield Peaks (Butterfield Canyon)

Posted: 30th July 2011 by Jonathan Wood in Hiking
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And I took yet another hike up to the Butterfield Peaks today. I’ve been spending a lot of time up here lately, experimenting with various routes up these hills. I don’t necessarily recommend this particular route. It was very steep with no good trail. Much of this hike was spent pulling myself up by grabbing bushes or whatever else I could grab.

I parked at the top of Butterfield Canyon road (where it starts down again into the Tooele side). From my truck, I walked South down the gently sloping dirt road. Where the road hits the creek, I continued roughly in the same direction, up a fairly steep slope.

I haven’t been this route before. I’ve been in this area and seen a trail going up this route. Unfortunately, the trail was a flop. Within minutes, the creek itself became the trail. Eventually, I headed more to the West up a very steep hill.

Heading up, I eventually came up on a ridge. I took this ridge South. It went down slightly before heading back up again. As before, it became very steep. And there was heavy vegetation and no trails but an occasional deer trail.

Eventually, we came up on the main trail that runs along the ridge that’s home to what are called the Butterfield Peaks. From here, I headed East and took the main trail back to the truck.

Today was another warm day. Worse, it was very humid. In addition, the heavy vegetation seemed to make it even more humid. In fact, I started getting light-headed in a few places. Also, my dog was clearly struggling with the heat.

I find myself really enjoying steep hikes lately. I generally don’t go on very long hikes but I really like to see how far I can push myself up a steep slope. Unfortunately, with creeks, heavy vegetation, loose gravel or slippery slopes, and heat, I often find a lot of my effort going to more then just getting myself up the hill.

Nonetheless, I felt really good once I got up on top of the ridge. I also felt really good later in the day after I got home.

I continue to be very busy at work. This is at-the-computer type of work. And it feels really great to get up in the mountains. As always, I’m very glad I went!

As before, I can recommend hiking this are as an alternative to the Wasatch mountains. You might think twice before taking some of the routes I’ve taken. But there is a main trail up these hills that is a great hike if you’re not really into bushwhackng it.

Butterfield Peaks: 9,227 Feet
Elevation Gained: 1,913 Feet
Distance Traveled: 4.24 Miles
Time on Mountain: 3 Hours and 5 Minutes

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