Walk at Cedar Hollow

Posted: 17th June 2011 by Jonathan Wood in Walking
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Something different today as I took a more casual walk with my dog, a friend, and his dog in the Cedar Hollow area near Kamas.

We actually walked up an ATV trail. However, after encountering a couple of ATVs early on, we were lucky not to see any more and had a nice, quite hike.

The area really looked nice this time of year, and there were plenty of things for the dogs to check out. We saw a deer and signs of other wildlife.

After a while, my friend wanted to stop for a while and I headed a few hundred feet up a steep, nearby hill. When I came down, we tried a couple of other routes but soon turned back. (See map.)

On the way down, we stopped and had a fire for an hour or two.

This was a very casual hike but it was nice to get out of the valley for a day and I think this was a nice time of year to check this place out.

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