Butterfield Canyon

Posted: 11th June 2011 by Jonathan Wood in Hiking

And once again I headed up to Butterfield Canyon today. Lately, I’ve been alternating each week between a “more substantial” hike and hiking along Butterfield Canyon.

Me and my dog like Butterfield but I also like to vary my hikes. Each Butterfield hike is nearly the same right now because the gate is closed at the bottom of the canyon. It should be opened within the next few weeks, which will open up a lot of additional hiking opportunities up this canyon.

We hiked the ridge that runs along the South side of the canyon. We only saw one or two deer today, although we saw a snake, a horny toad, and about a dozen lizards.

There is still quite a bit of snow along the top of the Oquirrhs but, where we hiked, it is starting to get warm. My dog in particular started having trouble. I had to stop several times to give her a drink and pour water from my hydration pack to cool her down. In fact, I ended up running out of water!

I actually felt pretty good and we ended up going a little further than I normally do on this ridge. In fact, I probably could’ve continued on. But I started to get concerned about my dog and I felt I’d had a pretty good hike.

We stopped for a snack under a few small trees and then headed back down. Since I wanted to get the dog some more water, we headed straight down to the main canyon road, which runs along a stream, and walked back on the road.

In fact, the clouds started to increase and we even felt a few rain drops before we reached the car.

Peak: 6,905 Feet
Accumulated Elevation Gained: 1,844 Feet
Distance Traveled: 6.4 Miles
Time on Mountain: 3 Hours and 17 Minutes

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  1. On the North side of the canyon, the land is owner by Kennecott and is definitely off limits. However, I haven’t had any problems on the South side. Much of it is private property but a lot of it is open, especially up higher in the canyon. In the end, I’ve always been respectful to the land and have never had a problem. I even ran into some people on horses who owned some cows there, and they were nothing but friendly.