Big Beacon (Mount Wire) from Hogle Zoo

Posted: 21st May 2011 by Jonathan Wood in Hiking
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Nice weather today as I headed up Big Beacon (Mt. Wire) from the small parking lot across the street from Hogle Zoo.

It had rained all week but the Sun was out today, and the hillside looked a bit greener than it normally does.

Although a bit shorter, this is probably the steepest route to Big Beacon. It takes a fairly aggressive route up the South side of the mountain, climbing 2,233 feet in about 1 3/4 miles. I pushed myself in sections of the hike and got a terrific workout.

Hiking up, I was concerned about getting a little too warm. However, there was a little breeze that was stronger at the top. After a snack, I relaxed in the Sun for a few minutes. As some clouds temporarily blocked the Sun, I actually started to get pretty cold.

Overall, the weather was really nice. I like Summer but afternoon hikes can get miserably when it gets up around 100 degrees. Days like this are the best. After laying in the Sun a while, I headed back down.

Peak Elevation: 7,135 Feet
Distance Travelled: 3.64 Miles
Elevation Gained: 2,233 Feet
Time on Mountain: 2 Hours and 33 Minutes

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