Rose Canyon in Herriman

Posted: 14th May 2011 by Jonathan Wood in Hiking
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Beautiful day today as I again headed up to Rose Canyon. It looks like Summer has finally settled in. And, even though my dog struggled with the heat, the overcast skies and cooler breeze felt amazing.

I drove to the small parking lot at the very end of Rose Canyon. From this parking lot, you can go North on foot or horse towards Yellow Fork, which was gated to vehicles. Or you can go West up a dirt road, which this morning was full of horse trailers. I took the ridge between these two.

This is an easier hike. There’s a fairly good initial climb to get up on the ridge and then things get a little easier as the trail goes up and down along the ridge.

This area is normally quite dry and brown during the Summer months. But the constant stream of storms through the area, which is now causing flood conditions, left things looking unusually green. It was a great day to out.

Eventually, the ridge comes to a number of dirt roads. These dirt roads are gated to the public and provide access to some antennas on the peaks above Butterfield Canyon.

At this point, I dropped down as I crossed the roads and then climbed up a very steep, conical peak. Unfortunately, I could not find a name for this peak anywhere. I had to “bushwhack” it a little bit as there was no trail that went straight up this hill. But I felt good and it didn’t take long.

There were some excellent views from this peak. I could see Utah Lake and the Salt Lake Valley. And I had a great view of Kelsey Peak  and the other peaks at the South end of the Oquirrh Mountains.

After having a snack and taking a few pictures, I headed back down. Once I got to the dirt roads I crossed earlier, I decided to turn North onto one of them, which took me down into a valley of Yellow Fork. This increased the distance back to the truck but it was a nice, easy walk though some cool places.

Peak Altitude: 7,291 Feet
Accumulated Elevation Gain: 2,138 Feet
Distance Traveled: 6.29 Miles
Time on Mountain: 2 Hours and 56 Minutes

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