Neff’s Canyon Partial (Mill Creek Canyon)

Posted: 9th April 2011 by Jonathan Wood in Snowshoeing
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While I don’t consider this blog a place for me to vent my current feelings, I will say that things have been somewhat difficult in my personal life recently. And the events of the past week have left me somewhat stressed and angry.

So after a Spring of constant rain, I was not particularly happy to learn that Winter had returned and it would be snowing the entire weekend. Don’t get me wrong, the fresh layer of snow was beautiful. But I am soooo ready for a real Spring.

I took my snowshoes today, which I haven’t done for several weeks. The snow was coming down hard enough to where I could not see the tracks of hikers who were already on the mountain (who I ran into later). So there was constantly a fresh layer of powder below my feet.

I didn’t feel like doing a particularly vigorous hike today, but I probably would’ve made it to the meadow if not for fear of avalanches. Having this much new snow, particular during somewhat warmer weather, produces some difficult-to-predict avalanche risks.

After hiking a little over an hour, the trail all but disappeared. And, because it was snowing today, there really weren’t many people on the mountain. And I’m pretty certain no one up as high as I was. So I really became uncomfortable continuing on and decided to call it “good”.

It took some commitment to make a hike today but, of course, I always feel better after a hike. So I’m glad I made it. But I am really looking forward to “regular” hiking in Summer conditions.

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