Breccia Knob (Rose Canyon)

Posted: 12th March 2011 by Jonathan Wood in Hiking
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A little rough going today. No, not because the trail was particularly long or steep, but rather due to snow conditions.

I decided yet again to take my MICROspikes and leave my snowshoes at home. Although I never even put my MICROspikes on, there were a few places where I really could’ve used my snowshoes. While there were spots with no snow, other spots had the snow nearly to my hips.

There were a couple of places in particular that were difficult. Even taking a few steps was exhausting, and I climbed a pretty steep hill where I was in up to my thighs.

After traversing the first ridge (see map below), I eventually came on to a dirt road. It was covered in snow but the snow was somewhat packed due to some sort of vehicle tracks, which looked a few days old. This was a bit easier walking but I probably would’ve done better had I put my MICROspikes on because is was slightly slippery. However, it just seemed too much trouble at the time given that I thought I’d need to take them off before long.

After walking along the road for a while, I came on Breccia Knob (7,322 feet), which is a small peak off the dirt road. Climbing up this hill was steep but there wasn’t much snow there so it was relatively easy. I stopped for 20 minutes and had a snack before heading back down.

I took a different ridge back. I walked along the ridge for a while before heading back down to the Yellow Fork canyon. This proved to be a mistake. Once again I found myself nearly hip-deep in the snow. It was the kind of snow where you took a step and didn’t know if you would sink 3 inches or 3 feet. More often than not, it was 3 feet. It was pretty difficult going.

I traveled like this for maybe 20 minutes before deciding to move back up towards the ridge where there was less snow. Unfortunately, I ended up having to “bushwhack” my way¬†through a dense area before being hit with a brief snow/hail mix. I stopped for a few minutes under a small tree during the worst of it. It was cold, wet and slippery. Also, I could feel water in my Gortex boots. I’m not sure if some of the deep snow had got into them or if water had seeped through. ¬†(They are supposed to be waterproof.)

After walking along the side of the ridge for a while, I could see a more substantial trail forming in the valley. I eventually climbed down to the valley and was able to find a trail that was mostly packed snow.

So I definitely got a good workout today. It wasn’t too cold and I felt pretty good, but there were parts that were a little rough. However, I was happy to finally reach my truck, knowing that I’d done plenty of exercise this day.

Time on the Mountain: 4 1/2 Hours
Distance Traveled: 6.54 Miles
Total Elevation Gain: 2,169 Feet
Average Speed: 1.5 MPH

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