Neff’s Canyon (Near Mill Creek)

Posted: 5th March 2011 by Jonathan Wood in Hiking
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First hike in a long time without a coat or jacket today. I strapped my shell to my backpack just in case, but didn’t need it. Although storms and cooler temperatures are on the way, it was relatively nice today and I can tell Spring isn’t far off. It was overcast but, in places, enough sun was getting through where you could feel the warmth.

I didn’t feel like too much of a hike today, but the last couple of weeks were lighter hikes and so I decided to take the dog up Neff’s canyon, which is a fairly vigorous hike, climbing nearly 2,500 feet in just over an hour and 20 minutes.

Again, I took my MICROspikes and left my snowshoes at home. As long as the trail is reasonably packed, MICROspikes take much less energy to walk in than snowshoes. As it had been a couple of days since the last fresh snow, the trail was reasonably packed.

The only exception was at the top. The packed trail diverted from the usual Summer trail (when there’s no snow). At the point the trail was going past the meadow, I simply turned and walked directly to where I usually go, creating my own path as I want. Although this part would’ve been easier with snowshoes, the snow was actually pretty firm and I didn’t sink down too far. However, I still got a good workout climbing up onto the small ridge where I usually go, especially after just climbing 2,500 feet up the main trail.

As I mentioned, the weather was reasonably warm. However, there was a fairly strong breeze up on that small ridge I mentioned as it was pretty cold. I climbed down a little off the ridge and sat for a little while. Although my hands started getting cold by the time I left, I was actually quite comfortable sitting there.

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