Neff’s Canyon (Mill Creek Canyon)

Posted: 18th December 2010 by Jonathan Wood in Snowshoeing
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A little more snow this week, with more Winter storms on the way. Today, I took my snowshoes for another hikeĀ up Neff’s Canyon.


Things continue to be rather stressful for me and I haven’t been feeling as strong on my hikes. When I have a lot going on, it sometimes takes effort to get going but, after an hour or so, I seem to find my stride. I generally push myself to go fairly fast at the start and then slow down as I near the top. That was definitely the case today.

With how I felt, I questioned if I’d make it up to the meadow today. The meadow’s a nice little hike in the Summer. And it definitely takes more effort when there’s a fair amount of snow. I didn’t travel that fast, but I kept at it and reached the meadow in about an hour and 40 minutes.

The upper half of this hike is definitely the hardest. Not only does the snow see less traffic and is therefore less packed, the last stretch just before the meadow is the steepest of the entire hike.

There was no sign of the Sun today. In fact, the peak of Mount Olympus and some of the other nearby peaks jutted well into the low lying clouds.

After stopping for a snack at the meadow, I started back down. I spent about 2 hours and 50 minutes on the mountain.

I’m definitely starting to miss Summer. And with all I have going on, I really have to make this a priority to get out every week. But (and I realize I’m starting to sound like a broken record on this) I always feel so much better after I’ve gone, even on colder days where being up there isn’t as enjoyable.

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