Birch Hollow/Terraces Loop (Mill Creek Canyon)

Posted: 4th December 2010 by Jonathan Wood in Snowshoeing
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The snow has settled in for the Winter here in Salt Lake so there’s no more wondering about whether or not there will be snow conditions on my hikes.

I decided to do a loop that I’ve done during the Summer.┬áThe loop starts at the Birch Hollow trailhead, heads East until it crosses the canyon road, and heads back up the mountain before coming back down into the Terraces (which is more or less across the street from where I started).

The forecast called for light snow during the night and so I took my snowshoes but not my MICROspikes. However, no new snow was visible. The snowshoes worked fine but it would’ve been more efficient if I had used my MICROspikes.

The trail is a little steep as I navigated switchbacks taking me from the parking lot to an upper portion of the pipeline trail. The trail then levels out as it heads East until it hits the canyon road.

The point I crossed the canyon road is above the closed gate and there is plenty of snow on the road at this point. After crossing the road, there is a small bridge that goes over the creek and the trail starts another steep climb.

There were many signs of moose on the trail. For those who don’t know, a large moose will not have any fear of humans. If they don’t like you, you could have a serious problem. I tried to remain alert and kept eying my escape routes–just in case.

Then at one point, I came on two moose that were on the trail. Fortunately, they were smaller moose that wanted nothing to do with me and quickly headed off. The dog wanted desperately to follow suit but I kept her back. I could see a number of potential problems with a dog chasing moose.

Once I came down through the Terraces picnic site, a short walk down the canyon road brought me back to my truck.

This is a nice little loop of roughly five or six miles. While much of it was level, a few sections were fairly steep. I didn’t have any snacks with me and pretty much went non-stop. It took me about two hours and 40 minutes.

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