Butterfield Peaks (Butterfield Canyon)

Posted: 15th October 2010 by Jonathan Wood in Hiking
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Beautiful day today. After getting much cooler than average for this time of year, things have warmed up. Although there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, it was the kind of day where you wanted to be in the Sun to keep warm. And I did get a little cold during those parts of the hike where the Sun was blocked by the mountain.

I tried a route I’ve never taken before to get to the Butterfield Peaks (which I’ve hiked to many times). After studying a map for a while, the plan was to go on a fairly short hike but one that would be steep and give me a great workout.

As usual, I drove up Butterfield Canyon and parked at the top before it starts down again towards the Tooele side. I went around the Jersey barricades and walked down the dirt road that runs South-West from where I parked. This road slopes downhill for about 20 minutes before it comes to a stream. At that point, the main trail turns a hard right while splitting off into two smaller trails that work straight up the mountain.

From studying the map, the plan was to take the trail on the left of the two smaller trails but that didn’t really work out. For one thing, it seemed run along the stream, and I didn’t feel like walking in water. I took yet another trail that split off and ran more directly up the hill. However, it didn’t take long to lose the main trail (it just seemed to fizzle out into deer trails). Basically, I was just heading up. There was a little “bush whacking”; however, there were quite a few trees that tended to keep the area on the ground fairly clear.

I definitely got my workout during this part of the hike, and I continued up until I hit the Butterfield Peaks ridge after climbing about an hour. At that point, I hit a main trail, which I took to the East until reaching the base of the peak where a bunch of antennas sit. (Does anyone know if this peak has a name?) I then spent about another 20 minutes climbing to the top of that peak.

I’ve been limiting my longer hikes to just once every two or three weeks. Lately, I’ve been enjoying shorter but very steep hikes. I’ve really tried to push myself up some steep hills, which gives me a great workout. Today, I spent around two and a half hours on the mountain.

Hike: Butterfield Peak (Approximately 9,370 Feet)
Trailhead: The top of Butterfield Canyon. Step around the Jersey barricades and take the dirt road that heads South-West from that point.
Directions: Drive to the top of Butterfield Canyon to where the roads starts back down on the Tooele side. Just park over on the South side of the road

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