Butterfield Canyon

Posted: 5th October 2010 by Jonathan Wood in Walking
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The temperature has finally dropped to near normal and the leaves are changing to their Fall colors. So I thought I’d take a mid-week walk in Butterfield canyon.

Fall Colors Below the Bingham Copper Mine

Fall Colors Below the Bingham Copper Mine

I drove about half way up the canyon to a turn off on the left, where I parked my car. From there, I walked up to the ridge that runs along the South side of the canyon road. And then strolled along the ridge a short distance before heading back down.

My dog Suki absolutely loves this canyon because of all the deer, which she is just crazy about chasing. And she wasn’t disappointed today. We saw two next to the street when we first arrived, and she ran off a number of times while we walked.

The picture I’m including really doesn’t do justice to the Fall colors because the Sun wasn’t out. Instead, it was overcast, which was welcome after being 90 degrees on our last hike. It has been raining on and off all day but kept mostly dry as we walked. But it did start to sprinkle lightly on our way down, which I thoroughly enjoyed!

A very casual walk, although the climb to the ridge was fairly steep. It’s nice to get some gentle activity between hikes.

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