Hiking Bufferfield Peaks

Posted: 10th September 2010 by Jonathan Wood in Hiking
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Well, after my rather long hike last week, I didn’t want to do anything major today but, in fact, I was up around the same area.

I parked at the top of Butterfield Canyon (technically, Middle Canyon), at the point where the road starts down to the Tooele side of the Oquirrh Mountains, and headed South.

This is a nice little hike that I’ve done many times before. It’s fairly steep so you get a good workout, but I was at the top in around 50 minutes.

The trail runs just below the ridge up a fairly steep face before coming over the first peak, and that does the same thing again before coming up on a second peak. Although the trail runs behind the second peak and along a ridge, I turned left to go directly up to the top of the peak and ended there.

Butterfield Peak

Looking South-East from a Butterfield Peak

As you can see from the photo, the peak looks a little cluttered from all the equipment on this peak. Still, it was a great view of the valley and there’s nothing like this on any park of the hike up.

One thing I did find interesting just before hitting the peak was a little bit of snow in the shade under a bush.

We’ve had some rain recently and some cooler-than-normal temperatures. But it’s still pretty early to see snow.

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